Meanwhile, in good news...

Meanwhile, in good news...

It’s raining, it’s pouring... but with all the wind we don't think anyone's been doing much snoring. Frankly it's all starting to feel like a lot.

✨ Massive kudos ✨ to the people all over the place who have been tasked with checking on farm animals, restoring the power, clearing the drains, fronting up with chainsaws to tackle fallen trees, assessing the slips, keeping the community social media pages up to date and making the cups of tea at the shelters and Civil Defence Centres. You get all our love this 💘 Valentines Day, and we hope you have a hot shower and a big plate of bacon 🥓 and eggs 🍳 waiting for you when you get home.


While we really really hope everyone is safe, warm and dry, we thought we could all do with hearing some positive stuff. Less end of the world-y, more feel good.

1/ In some climate adjacent news: in 2022, for the first time ever the investment in clean energy transition matched the investment in fossil fuels. A whopping $1.1 trillion USD was dropped on work to help keep fossil fuels in the ground... and while it's cool that it matched the cash being splashed on fossil fuels, it also speaks to the growing momentum of a challenge to the energy status quo. Love to see it.

2/ The delightful crew at Cassia in Fort Lane are currently in temporary digs at Sid at the French Café serving up a Journey through India set menu ($95pp). Their Fort Lane home will be out of action for a couple of months while messy restoration work is underway after the recent flooding. We know Sid and Chand will put on something special wherever they're working... so get your bookings in and don't miss out on this event (and supporting them thru a pretty crappy time!).

3/ "One of the great accomplishments of industrial food is an incredible leveling of what’s on the plates of the rich and poor." This post, over on Medium, is one I have read and re-read so many times – its a challenge to those of us who exist in the 'good food' space, but it is also a heartful reminder that food and the conversations that shape it, belong to all of us.

4/ This recipe for Crispy Pork Burgers with Guac and Quickle (quick, pickled) Red Onions is our go-to Sunday night option at the moment. Recipe by the ever talented Olivia Galletly over at Dish Mag. We just make the pork schnitty by slicing a twin pack of Freedom Farms butterflied steaks into four thin steaks. Easy peasy.

5/ The 1956 Oscar-winning family friendly short film The Red Balloon is available in full on YouTube now. Ticking just over 30 minutes long, and without dialogue, the story is very simple, but also very heart-warming and charming. If you need a brief reprieve from everything that is going on outside, make yourself a cuppa, put on a comfy pair of socks and enjoy this brief jaunt around the streets of Paris.

If you are affected by the cyclone or need help, The Spinoff has put together a good summary of the support services ready to help you. Where to Get Help

Stay safe!

Hilary and the Freedom Farms team

If you’re not familiar with Freedom Farms… we’re a 100% NZ-owned company that set out over a decade ago to bring you bacon farmed the Freedom way… from NZ farmers who care about the same things we do. Simply put, that is farming that is kinder for farm animals, and takes it easy on the environment. When you buy our bacon, eggs, pork, sausages and ham you are supporting a wonderful little group of NZ farmers… and for that we’re really really grateful!