Pork Schnitty

Pork Schnitty
Schnitty doesn't need much time to deliver flavour.

Our schnitzel is a fresh pork cut of thinly sliced loin, a wonderfully lean meat that is also juicy and tender – the key is not to overcook it – needs only a scant amount of time on the heat.


We use 'recipe' lightly here, as the term schnitzel refers to thinly sliced meat (we’re all about the pork but veal or chicken are good, too) that's:

  1. Dipped in beaten egg
  2. Coated in dry breadcrumbs and
  3. Cooked till golden and the meat just cooked through.

Here’s some ways you can build on that:

  • You might opt to deep-fry, shallow-fry, or bake schnitzel – experiment till you find your preference. Clarified butter is often used for a traditional Austrian version, or for an ultimately rich edition, try shallow-frying pork schnitzel in pork lard!
  • Season the beaten egg – salt and pepper are obvious but also try a little Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce, or chilli sauce if you like it hot.
  • Try panko crumbs – Japanese style breadcrumbs that are less dense and crisp up well.
  • Crisp crackers can be crushed (or blitzed in a processor) to make crumbs – rice crackers work well for a lightish version or give it a go with whatever type you like. Or combine panko and cracker crumbs for a bet both ways. Bagel crisps work well here, too! You can add crushed toasted nuts and seeds in, if you like.
  • Go meat on meat and use Libby’s Pork Crack for a no-carb, keto-friendly crumb.

Whatever crumb you go for, you can pep it up with flavour additions…

  • Fresh chopped herbs
  • Finely grated Parmesan or other hard cheese
  • Za’atar
  • Fennel
  • Smoked salt
  • Spices like smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne, nutmeg, masala, Aleppo pepper
  • Japanese furikake (seaweed-based seasoning mixes)