Wedgie 'lad

Wedgie 'lad
The ultimate wedge salad

(That's a wedge salad, in case you were wondering).

We reckon wedge salads are brilliant. Firstly, they make a star of the iceberg lettuce - the somewhat underrated black sheep of the lettuce fam. And secondly, they are so simple to make. Whether you go with a classic dressing and leave it at that, or bougie yours up with all the toppings, it makes a statement on the table and doesn't leave you slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

✔️ Cheap to make
✔️ Easy to prepare
✔️ Looks great
✔️ Yum



  1. First up we're going to make up the dressing - we want it to sit around for awhile so the flavours get a chance to meet, hang out together and get all cosy. Grab a bowl and mix together the aioli, sour cream, half the chives and some S&P.
  2. Get your garlic cloves and give them a big smush under the flat side of the knife and remove the skin. Take one clove and a pinch of salt, and run your knife through the garlic a billionty-three times, using the side of the knife to smear it together every now and then to become a paste. Add to the dressing mixture.
  3. Zest and juice half a lemon, and add this to the dressing mixture and set aside.
  4. Add your other garlic clove to a small frying pan on a low heat with the pork lard (or your preferred cooking fat). Let the garlic get nice and golden (your kitchen will be smelling amazing by this point) and add the panko crumb, stirring to mop up all the garlicy oil. While sad, you can biff the garlic at this point - it's done it's job.
  5. At this point you can whip together the final plate within minutes, so don't start until you're almost ready to serve. Cutting from the root, quarter each of the lettuces, keeping the core in tact with each section.
  6. Assemble on a plate, squeeze the juice of a lemon, S&P and EVOO over the lettuces, getting into all the layers. Artfully splodge the dressing on top, and cover with the garlic crumb.
  7. Delightful.

Inspired by and adapted from Molly Baz.

This recipe is super easy to scale. If you've got the extended whanau and your mate's sister's boyfriend's cousin at your place this year, bump up the ingredients appropriately. One lettuce = 4 wedges. One wedge is generous for one and could definitely serve two people when included on a Christmas plate.