Ham 101 – How to Glaze a Ham

Ham 101 – How to Glaze a Ham

You could open up one of our hams, slice into it and enjoy right then and there - they're pre-cooked and it will still be super tasty. But you could also go to the minimal effort (promise!) of glazing it for maximum taste and wow factor. We know what we would do... here's how to (simply! easily! yummy!) take your ham from tasty to terrific:

  1. Wash your hands. Soap and water, 20 seconds, dry thoroughly - you know the drill.
  2. Take ham from the packaging and remove any brown tape from the hock if there is one.
  3. If the ham has a hock, cut a line around the base of it so you can retain the skin on the hock when removing from the rest of the ham.
  4. To remove the skin, slide your fingers under the thick skin and wiggle them around to loosen it, taking care to leave as much of the soft white fat intact as possible (the fat is where the flavour lives, so don’t be stingy!). Try to take the skin off in nice big pieces – and don’t biff it!
  5. With a sharp knife, gently score the fat in a cross hatch pattern, gently so as not to cut into the meat below. Scoring looks pretty, but also helps keep the glaze from sliding off
  6. Pop the removed skin in a baking dish, and place the ham on top of it. Add a little water to the dish… enough to cover the skin without touching the ham too much. This keeps any glaze drips from burning in the pan and keeps your ham moist and glossy.
  7. Glaze the ham. We recommend basting the ham with extra glaze during cooking, and also spooning over some of the lovely pan juices to give the ham a nice sheen. Bake for 10 mins per kilo at 160℃ to set the glaze, and 20 mins per kilo if you want to serve your ham hot.
  8. Get someone else to do the dishes!

Easy peasy, right? The hardest part is figuring out what flavours you want to glaze your ham with, and we have so many options.

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