How to track down a Freedom Farms Ham

How to track down a Freedom Farms Ham
Nothing says Christmas like a Freedom Farms ham, here's how to find one.

There are loads of wonderful grocery and specialist food stores across Aotearoa stocking our hams for your Christmas get-together. Here are our tips on getting your hands on one:

Decide what you're after!

On the bone, Champagne, little or big? Glazing and served cold, wanting leftovers for days? There are a few choices to make, so having an idea of what you want will help focus your search.

Use our Ham Hunter to find a stockist

We couldn't imagine Christmas without one of our yummy hams, so we've put together a snazzy wee tool so you can tell us where you are and we'll tell you which stores near you ordered stock. It doesn't mean the stock is still there - once it leaves the distribution centre we can't track it, but it will give you a good idea where to start your search. The last lot of ham is sent around December 13, so when you find what you're after, be sure to grab it.

Plan early, consider the shelf life

Our hams have a six week shelf life, which means you could buy one today, chuck it in the fridge unopened and it will still be good eating on Christmas day. If you're scared you'll miss out, hunt one down today and pat yourself on the back for being so organised.

Check with the butchery or deli counter

Butchery counters across the country order their Christmas hams months in advance, and plan for when they want them in store. Our hams on the bone and quarter champagne hams are all allocated for 2022, so if it's one of those you're after, check with the butchery counter at your local store to see when they're getting their stock in. If they're especially awesome, you could even ask them to put one aside for you - if they do this, definitely give them a big high five